Air Bag Issue Sparks GM Recall of Older Sports Cars

Volkswagen_Anitlock_BrakesGeneral Motors is recalling 107,000 older sports cars worldwide because a faulty sensor can disable the front passenger air bag.

Affected are:

  • 2006 to 2010 Pontiac Solstice
  • 2007 to 2010 Saturn Sky

GM says a sensor that determines if a child is sitting in the passenger seat can bend and become damaged over time. That can open an electrical circuit, causing the car to turn off the air bag. The company says it unaware of any crashes or injuries caused by the problem. The two-seat cars are no longer made and both brands have been scrapped by the company.

GM says a repair hasn’t been determined. Owners may contact Pontiac customer service at 1-800-762-2737 or Saturn customer service at 1-800-553-6000. GM’s number for this recall is 17036.