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Teen Trucker Proposal Deserves to Die

Billy Edwards | August 27, 2015

A trucking industry proposal before Congress to lower the age of commercial interstate (across state borders) truck drivers from 21 to 18 should be run over, scraped off the road and buried six feet under. Safety groups are against it, insurance analysts are against it, and the facts are against it: scientific studies over the [...] Read More

6 Tips for Spotting A Bad Lawyer

Billy Edwards | August 10, 2015

Buyer beware: certain lawyers should not be hired. You can tell who they are because they: 1) Show up at your home, hospital room, or funeral home – or send someone else (called a runner) – right after an accident. This way of getting legal business is called barratry, and it is illegal. In Texas, [...] Read More

Jet Skis and Other Personal Water Craft Have Serious Safety Issues

Billy Edwards | July 29, 2015

My client, a young teen, was brain injured when a Wave Runner piloted by another teen plowed over him as he was swimming in a lake at summer camp. The pilot had no training in operating the craft, was below the recommended age to operate the craft, and wasn’t being supervised. On top of that, [...] Read More

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