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Texas tractor-trailer accident sets off chain-reaction crash

A tractor-trailer by itself is an extremely powerful vehicle. Add to it tons of cargo, and the vehicle becomes a heavy force on Texas roads. The men and women who drive these trucks often put in long hours, which can sometimes lead to exhaustion or other factors that cause 18-wheeler accidents. As one recent accident illustrates, a run-in with a semi-truck can have major consequences.

Law enforcement are still determining exactly what led to an SUV pushing through the outer wall of a fast food restaurant. The accident sent seven people to the hospital, two of whom had been inside the restaurant at the time of the incident. According to law enforcement, the injuries were not life-threatening.

Safety experts: Auto defect databases must be improved

When many people think about accidents on the road, they picture a crash that is a result of speeding or other reckless behavior. However, auto defects can be responsible for incidents that can cause injury or even death. People in Corpus Christi may not realize that there are strict federal regulations vehicle manufacturers must adhere to in order to keep motorists safe on the road. Spurred by recent recalls, congressional investigators are currently examining the regulatory process.

A defective ignition switch led to the recall of 1.6 million General Motors vehicles. The faulty equipment has been linked to a dozen deaths. Government analysts were not aware of the link between the switch and the fatalities until GM issued the recalls. According to safety experts, regulators missed the connection because current databases are hard to navigate.

Man loses leg as a result of drunk driver in Corpus Christi

Many people do not take the time to appreciate the fact that they still have both legs. Corpus Christi residents can run, jump and otherwise take part in day-to-day activities, thanks to their health. For one young man, a drunk driving accident has taken those abilities away from him, at least for the time being.

The 25-year-old man’s car stalled in early March, and another driver pulled over to help him. The young man said that in the middle of pushing, he remembers tires screeching and then screaming in pain. A 29-year-old driver had been drinking and driving and struck both the young man and the individual who had pulled over to help him. The 29-year-old has been charged with intoxication assault.

G.M. timeline recalling fatal auto defects called into question

Many car accidents are preventable. Drivers who pay attention to posted speed limits and avoid dangerous behaviors such as texting behind the wheel are less likely to be involved in a wreck. Some Corpus Christi incidents occur when there are auto defects that have gone undetected. Recently, a car manufacturer has come under fire for the way it released information to safety regulators regarding a potentially fatal issue.

An ignition switch in several of G.M.’s cars has been linked to 31 accidents and 12 deaths over the last 10 years. The switch could cause the car to stall or shutdown in the middle of driving. One driver noted that he or she was nearly killed in a 2003 Ion twice when the car stalled on the highway. More than 70 such complaints were sent to safety regulators about the Ion alone since 2003.

OSHA worst of the worst report omits oil rigs with fatalities

Understanding the risks involved with your profession is an important part of staying safe while on the job. Many people in Corpus Christi work in the oil industry, which has its fair share of workplace accidents. A business is supposed to provide adequate training and safe equipment in order to prevent injuries and death from occurring. According to one local woman, she never fully knew the risks associated with her son’s job at an oil rig.

The Lubbock resident said that commercials aimed at recruiting young workers into the oil industry paint a picture that is not accurate. She said the ads state that individuals can make a lot of money and do not need experience, skimming over the safety risks involved. Her son suffered an electrical shock and fell, breaking his neck at a local drilling rig.

Bicyclist pinned under vehicle in Corpus Christi accident

Many people strive to be both environmentally-friendly and healthy. In an effort to satisfy both goals, some individuals ride their bicycles to work or to run errands. In Corpus Christi, it is imperative for motor vehicles to pay attention to everyone else on the road. Failure to do so can result in a bicycle accident. Bicyclists can do everything possible to make themselves visible and wear the right protective gear, but many times, accidents can still happen and cause injuries. A recent incident serves as a reminder to share the road.

A man on a bicycle was struck by a Ford Mustang in Corpus Christi. According to local law enforcement, the man did not suffer serious injuries, though he was taken to the hospital.

Motorcyclist dies, wife injured after Texas accident

A motorcyclist has just as much right to the road as the other vehicles on the pavement. However, there are people in Houston who overlook motorcycles, either failing to yield to them or simply because they do not take the time to thoroughly check before switching lanes or merging. Motorcycle accidents can be extremely devastating, causing catastrophic injuries or even death, as one recent incident reminds us.

An 18-year-old driver was pulling out of a parking lot in Galveston when she struck a motorcycle carrying a man and his wife. The man, a retired Houston Police Department officer, was pronounced dead at the scene. His wife, who has been with the department for three decades, was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Possible E. coli contamination leads to Texas beef recall

Whenever you purchase something, you trust that the manufacturer has taken the proper precautions to ensure the safety of the product. When it comes to food, these measures are especially important and many items go through rigorous testing. Defective products can cause serious illness and even death among Texas residents.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service, a Fort Worth beef processor has a flawed testing program that leaves products susceptible to contamination. Because of the error, the manufacturer has issued a product recall on nearly 16,000 pounds of beef products.

Oil field workers killed in Corpus Christi car accidents

A booming oil industry can mean many things for Corpus Christi, such as more jobs and a better local economy. However, it can also mean more people on the road and an increased number of car accidents. At least, that is what local law enforcement note as more oil workers are sharing the road with residents.

Local people from residents to troopers say the Eagle Ford Oil boom is responsible for several recent fatal crashes. One woman is all too familiar with the effects of the industry. Her husband is an oil field worker, and many of the people who live at the RV park where she works are employed in the oil industry. She said that fatigue is part of the job and that exhaustion behind the wheel is worrisome.

Oil refinery blast prompts closer look at workplace safety

It sometimes takes a disaster in order to make improvements. When it comes to safety in the workplace, certain oversights may not come to light nor can they be resolved unless an incident occurs. People who work in Corpus Christi may be especially sensitive to oil refinery accidents because of the industry’s presence in Texas. An explosion from years ago and states away is still making waves in the oil industry and may even bring about change.

In 2010, a refinery just north of Seattle exploded. A decades-old heat exchanger ruptured as employees were returning several such exchangers into service after they had been cleaned. The fire burned for more than three hours and seven people died as a result of the blast. This incident was the deadliest in the industry since a 2005 blast that killed 15 people and injured many more in Texas City.

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