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Corpus Inexperienced Truck Driver Attorneys

Texas Accidents Caused by Unqualified and Inexperienced Truck Drivers

Due to their immense size and ability to cause damage to other vehicles on the road, semi trucks need to be handled properly by qualified drivers. Semi trucks in the hands of unqualified and inexperienced drivers can be extremely dangerous and can lead to serious accidents with catastrophic results. Trucking companies need to be held responsible for putting improperly trained drivers in their vehicles.

The lawyers at the Edwards Law Firm, serving clients in Texas and nationwide, have extensive experience working with those who have been injured in truck accidents. Out of our office in Corpus Christi, our attorneys work hard to pursue damages from those companies who are responsible for putting unqualified and inexperienced truck drivers on the road. If you have questions about getting the compensation you deserve, talk with us about your rights and options.

Companies Have a Responsibility to Hire Qualified Truck Drivers

Companies, including trucking companies, should want the most qualified employees available who they can count on to do their jobs correctly. Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons, trucking companies may decide to cut corners in order to meet demanding schedules and to get people on the road. Sometimes, this leads to inexperienced, unqualified and untrained drivers who are more likely to cause trucking accidents.

Despite the problems that companies can have when trying to find qualified employees, there are no excuses for putting people behind the wheel who cannot operate those vehicles safely. Drivers are required to have a certain amount of training and to have good driving records that show they understand the rules of the road. When this is not the case, our firm will hold those companies accountable and seek compensation for our clients.

Help for the Recovery Process After a Truck Accident

For more information after a truck accident in the Corpus Christi area or throughout the state of Texas, contact us at the Edwards Law Firm and speak with us about your options. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling 361-698-7600 or toll free at 800-475-0971.

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