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Truck Accidents

Truck Wreck - Injuries and Death$9,660,000
Truck Accident - Paralysis$9,000,000
18 Wheeler - Death$8,216,717
Truck Wreck - Injuries and Death$7,000,000
18 Wheeler - Death$4,998,320
18 Wheeler Case$3,433,335

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Defective Auto - Death$3,837,283
Vehicle Accident - Death$3,825,000
Vehicle Defect - Injuries$3,149,313
Motorcycle - Injuries$1,000,000

Airplane and Helicopter Crashes

Helicopter Crash - Injuries$4,547,437
Offshore Helicopter Crash - Death$3,434,000

Workplace Accidents

Industrial Accident - Death$11,500,000
Premise - Injury$10,750,000
Industrial Accident - Injury$7,000,000
Industrial Accident - Injury$4,370,800
Refinery Injuries$3,750,000
Construction Accident$2,500,000
Grain Terminal - Burns$1,679,450
Industrial Accident - Death$1,400,000
Industrial Accident - Injury$1,015,871

Maritime and Jones Act Claims

Oilfield – Death$5,700,000
Oilfield – Hand Injury$774,675

Defective Products

Product Liability/Fire - Death$11,000,000
Tire Failure - Injuries and Death$7,600,000
Defective Drug$5,519,175
Tire Mismatch - Death$4,900,000
Defective Pistol - Death $4,751,070
Water Ski - Injuries$4,525,000
Defective Medical Product - Death$3,000,000
Defective Pistol - Death$3,000,000
Defective Solamander - Burns$2,650,000
Defective Tire - Death$2,000,000
Tire Failure - Injuries$1,125,000
Carseat Failure / Products Liability $1,015,871

Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing Home - Death$4,500,000
Nursing Home - Death$2,500,000
Nursing Home$2,050,000
Nursing Home - Death$1,345,848
Nursing Home - Death$1,300,000
Nursing Home$1,175,000
Nursing Home - Injuries$1,000,000

Catastrophic Injuries

Cancer Overdose - Death$5,005,452
Medical Malpractice$4,150,000
Chemo Overdose - Death$2,655,000
Medical Malpractice - Death$1,850,000

Business Litigation

Bad Faith$1,000,000

Sex Crimes

Premises - Rape$1,500,000
Premises - Rape$1,000,000

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