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Varied Experience. Singular Focus.

Our firm brings decades of experience in the court room and a track record of success across a range of personal injury practice areas. If a defective vehicle, consumer product, workplace or highway accident or another type of personal injury has impacted your life, we’re here to represent you.


Defective Cars, Trucks and Tires

Brakes fail, tires blow and seat belts can unbuckle due to car, truck and tire defects. We have depth of experience in these matters, seeking proper settlements to meet our clients' needs.More


Defective Motorcycles and Tires

We uncover the truth as to whether a serious motorcycle crash was caused by a tire, rim or brake defect. Then we litigate against manufacturers for those injured.More


18-Wheeler Accidents

Big rig accidents happen. We uncover the true cause of these crashes and litigate against big trucking companies for those injured and the families of those killed.More


Workplace Injuries

When refinery or chemical plant on-the-job injuries occur, we look for the causes and those in charge of safety. We work effectively for fair settlements for those injured.More


Oil Field Accidents

We get to the bottom of oil field accidents to determine actual causes. Our firm has success winning fair settlements for severely injured workers or families who lost loved ones.More


Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents

We investigate car and truck accidents in detail to uncover the cause. Then we litigate against responsible parties and their insurance companies.More


Consumer Products

We have seen a range of defective consumer product cases, and believe in getting our clients fairly compensated for their losses.More


Oil and Gas Disputes

We have decades of experience in oil and gas business disputes. We’ll take on big corporate disputes so you can focus on the business at hand.More


We are Working to Stop Unethical Attorneys

We lead the way in advocating strong ethical conduct for attorneys, fighting against barratry and unethical behavior that takes advantage of the vulnerable.More


Insurance Disputes

We are effective advocates for those dealing with a serious or fatal accident. We deal with insurance companies who are slow to pay a fair claim to our clients.More


Uninsured / Underinsured Motorists

When someone with not enough car insurance— or none at all—causes an accident that results in serious injury, we litigate to seek proper compensation for our clients.More

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There are those who want the public to believe there is no good in lawsuits. In our practice we get to see the benefits. We get to see cars made safer…we get to see landlords putting keyless deadbolts on doors. What we don’t see is more of the same kinds of cases after the safety changes are made.

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