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We’re proud of what we represent. You.

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We’re proud of what we represent. Justice.

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We’re proud of what we represent. Community.

How Can We Help?
How Can We Help?

Personal Injury Law Requires Personal Attention

For more than 55 years, The Edwards Law Firm has had one priority: your rights. Justice for our clients means more than winning a case. It means repairing lives and giving clients the ability to move forward. Staying focused on these commitments has helped our national firm win case after case on the local, state and federal levels. We are grateful to have the opportunity to help clients like you obtain compensation for all your needs, as well as effect real change in our community and across the nation.

The Edwards Law Firm is committed to representing you effectively and ethically. Justice for our clients and ethics in law are the guideposts we follow. When we have the opportunity to enhance public safety on the highway, at home or in the workplace, we do all we can.

The first step we take when receiving a case is to examine forensics and discover actual causes of the incident. Then it’s our job to ensure those responsible compensate you for lost wages, medical expenses and other life needs. We are experienced at taking these cases to trial, working to be sure you receive a fair settlement.

The positive outcomes of our cases have had a direct impact on improving community safety in key areas such as:

Improved safety for tenants as apartments across the nation are now required to be outfitted with proper safety deadbolts
Improved refinery and workplace safety by holding companies accountable
Safer automobile seatbelt designs
Upgraded automobile design standards to prevent rear collision explosions in certain models
Improved manufacturing standards for particular children’s toys

Take a look at the types of injury cases we handle. If you have questions about a potential case or an injury that happened, please call us. We look forward to serving you and helping you move forward.

Top Practice Areas

Defective Vehicles

Defective Vehicles

Defects in cars, trucks and tires cause serious injury. We expose when this happens and work to recover lost wages or medical expenses for our clients.

Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injuries

Refinery or plant accidents almost always point to safety negligence. We make sure those at fault for injuries on the job are held accountable.

18-Wheeler Accidents

Accidents involving big rigs can end in catastrophic damage. We investigate the cause of these crashes, and litigate on behalf of those injured, killed or impacted.

Lawyers Aren’t
Above the Law

We advocate for strong ethical conduct by attorneys. In fact, Bill and Billy Edwards helped write and pass the only law in the nation allowing victims to sue unethical attorneys for $10,000. MORE ON ETHICS IN LAW

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My clients are really good people and they were in trouble. If you worked hard and did a good job for them, they were improved in their lives. I felt like we were doing something good. It wasn’t about the money. It was the way I felt about my clients…the way doing that kind of work affected me.


William R. Edwards